Scintera has been acquired by Maxim Integrated.

Scintera’s programmable analog signal processing architecture effectively combines digital programmability with the simplicity, small size and low power consumption of analog circuit design. The first family of products to leverage this innovative architecture is the radio frequency power amplifier linearizer (RFPAL). By repartitioning portions of the classic predistortion algorithm from the digital domain to the analog/RF domain, Scintera has delivered a predistortion linearization solution with very low power consumption, wide bandwidth performance, and a compact system footprint.

RFPAL is an adaptive RFIN/RFOUT and standalone linearization solution that does not require external host control.  RFPAL is simple to integrate, requires no expertise in predistortion algorithms and lowers the total system cost making it a compelling alternative to operation of the PA in back-off – even for Class A/AB PAs operating down to 500 mW of average output power. Furthermore, RFPAL can replace digital predistortion (DPD) systems by providing similar correction performance and also simplifying the entire transmit chain architecture in systems with PAs operating up to 80 W average output power for cellular infrastructure designs and 600 W or more average output power for broadcast infrastructure designs.

Scintera’s RFPAL family has achieved broad acceptance in the cellular infrastructure, microwave point-to-point, and digital terrestrial broadcast markets. Wide deployment in the field with a perfect record of reliability has proven that RFPAL is a robust solution capable of dramatically increasing system efficiency and reducing costs in existing applications and is now also enabling novel high performance, cost sensitive and very compact 4G cellular small cell designs used in heterogeneous network deployments.